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Founded in 2013, Q Designs is a contemporary luxury goods brand based in New York City.

With a deep appreciation for fashion and design, our team felt compelled to create a 21st century company that embraces technology and innovation at its core. Our company's unique approach to design enables us to craft beautiful products using traditional processes while seamlessly integrating technology when appropriate.

"We conceptulized the QBraclet based on the idea that every useful object should also be a beautiful object, and we believe that merging technology with fashion in smart ways will push the fashion industry forward." - Alessandro Libani

Q is a deeply creative place, one that fosters and encourages creativity, curiosity, boldness and self-expression. We look at the pieces we design like art and feel that the finished item is the physical expression of our creativity and imagination. We have an unwavering belief that all of our designs should be carefully crafted to the highest standards and hope that, through our products, we are helping create a better more beautiful and expressive world

"Every smartphone owner worries about battery loss, and we endeavored to create a product that simply takes that worry away, effortlessly and with style. In our research, we found existing external battery solutions to be clunky, unappealing and frustrating to use, and so we set out to build a simple, beautiful alternative." - James Kernan